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The Federalist Party advocated a strong central government. A government capable of paying its debts. In accordance with this mission, a protective tariff was proposed to raise revenue.

Some Federalists admired Great Britain and advocated war with the First Republic of France.

The Federalist Party was supported by the bankers, merchants, shippers, and the aristocracy. They encouraged inventions and our first patent law was passed and signed by President Washington.

Federalist power was generally in the northern states and specifically in the northeastern states. In accordance with this, the party established a Bank of the United States in support of paper money and capitalism. Commerce and industry would be aided by this central banking system.

Now, the differences. Adams was against inflation and speculation, which Hamilton supported. Adams was in favor of national defense with a navy to protect our merchant shipping from the First Republic of France; Hamilton was in favor of war and called for an increase of our standing army and a declaration of war against the First Republic of France.

Both Federalists believed that the central government was superior to the states and the states must submit to federal authority.

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Q: What was the political philosophy of the federalists?
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