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10 million, page 313 of "The American Journey" textbook, first paragraph.

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about 10 million people, with nearly 2 million living west of the Appalachians

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Q: What was the population in the US thirty years after the first census?
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What do you call the population count that is taken every ten year?

The census, in many places, counts the population every 10 years.

What is a sentence using the word census?

The government conducts a census every ten years to gather data on the population and housing in the country.

How often does the US officially count its population?

The US officially counts its population every 10 years through the decennial census conducted by the Census Bureau.

What is the census for 2008 in the US?

The US Census is taken every ten years in the years ending with zero so the population for all other years is an estimate only. The estimated US population for 2008 is about 306, 750,000. The 2000 census reported 281,421,906 residents.

What year did the census start?

The United States conducted its first census in 1790. It has been conducted every 10 years since then to gather population data for various purposes such as representation in Congress and allocation of federal funds.

How many people were in South Carolina in 1780?

The official estimate* is 180,000. When the first census was taken, ten years later, the population was 249,073. * U.S. Census Bureau, Series Z-19.

When is the population of every state determined?

Every ten years in the Census.

An official count of the population; done every 10 years.?


What is a census and how often is it taken in US?

Every 10 Years =]

What must the government do every ten years in The United States according to The US Constitution?

The government must conduct a nationwide Census of citizens every ten years in The United States according to The US Constitution. The US Census, in part, helps determine the mapping for political districts and the use of Federal government monies.

What was the population of Alaska a 50 years ago?

The 1960 population was 226,167 residents according to the 1960 census.

When Every ten years what is taken by the federal government?

The census is taken by the federal government every ten years to count the population and gather demographic information.