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i dont know ask a very old person :) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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Men shoes 7.50 to 8.00. Boys shoes 2.65 .

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Q: What was the price of shoes in 1968?
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How many pairs of shoes were imported in 1968?

175 million pairs of shoes were imported in 1968

What actors and actresses appeared in The Green Shoes - 1968?

The cast of The Green Shoes - 1968 includes: George Cole Tom Macaulay Donald Webster

What is Price of mcdonalds hamburger in 1968?

The price of a McDonalds' Hamburger back in 1968 was 18 cents.

what was the Average gas price in 1968?

The average price of gas in 1968 was $0.34/gallon in the US.

What is the average price range for toddler Nike shoes?

The price range for toddler Nike shoes is from 20$ (sandals, baby or kids shoes) up to 150$ for athletic (running shoes, golf shoes) or fashion shoes.

What was the price for the average home in 1968?

According to, average price for a new home: $14,950.00

How cheap are brooks adrenaline GTs 11 shoes?

On they have the lowest price for brook adrenaline 11 shoes. The shoes are the same price for women as for men, $58.64. They have a wider variety of the shoes at priced at $60.00. The other sites I looked at sell the shoes at a higher price from $79 to $100.

If the average price of four pairs of shoes is 50 and three of those pairs of shoes are priced at 35 40 and 55 what is the price of the fourth pair of shoes?


What is the price range for Mary Jane shoes?

Mary Jane shoes can vary in price from $55.00 dollars to $300.00 dollars. Of course the price varies depending on who is selling the product. Amazon will likely have a good selection of shoes.

What is the manufaturing cost for an athletic shoe?

It is difficult to give the excatly price .usually the price depand by the shoes materil and workmanship.In our facotry ,the normally ahletic shoes price about 5USD/pair ,but for the classic athletic shoes about 20-25USD .for a pair shoes the most cost is of the sole and the shoes upper materil

When was Four Price born?

Four Price was born in 1968.

Do you have cheaper shoes within my price range?

If you meant to ask about running shoes, there are some at the price range from 30 to 50 at Models. I am not exactly sure what your price range is, but Models do carry a lot of old model brand name running shoes at an affordable price.