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The awakening of a sleeping giant. (Either Yamamoto or Nagumo, not sure which Admiral said that one)

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Q: What was the problem behind the Japanese attackin the us?
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Advantage US had in the Battle of Midway was?

US Navy deciphered the Japanese attack plan by breaking the Japanese codes used for communicating with Japanese naval commanders. This allowed the U.S. to direct its carriers to sit back behind Midway island and launch air attacks on the large Japanese force.

What was the strategy behind the attck on Pearl Harbor?

Remove the US Battle Fleet from interferring with future Japanese Naval operations.

What does pearl harbor do with World war 2?

It started it, for the US. First sign of Japanese attacking USA. BIGGEST reason behind the internment camps of Japanese Canadians/ Americans in N.A

What is the significance of Japanese Internment in the US during World War 2?

The reasoning behind intering the Japanese during the course of WWII was to keep communications under some control. There was a fear within the public that those of Japanese descent were communicating with Japan planning to continue attacks on the US.

During World War 2 how were Japanese living in the US affected?

The Japanese in the US were affected in several ways- they were treated horribly by their neighbors who were angry at Japan for Pearl Harbor. They had their shops destroyed, windows broken, stuff stolen, and many of them were sent to interment camps where they were kept behind walls to protect the US from Japanese espionage.

What was the US Government rationale for isolating the Japanese Americans?

The government's reasoning behind isolating the Japanese-Americans was because the United States felt that they were not trust worthy after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and that the Japanese-American's might try to attack the Americans.

How did the Japanese army feel about the attack on Pearl Harbor after it happened?

The Japanese Army was happy with the various attacks on the British, Dutch & Americans (including the Pearl Harbor attack). The Japanese Army was the main force behind the idea of going to war with Britain & the US.

Why is Americans imprisoning Japanese immigrants after attack on Pearl Harbor a problem?

Imprisoning immigrants would not necessarily be a problem as they could likely be spies or saboteurs loyal to the Japanese Empire.The thing that was the problem was that ALL persons of Japanese ancestry living in US territory (even those whose parents, grandparents, and great grandparents had been born in the US and knew nothing of life in Japan) were imprisoned!This was a direct violation of the civil rights of millions of loyal US citizens and illegal confiscation of their private property and assets. US citizens whose only "crime" was being the wrong race.However, this illegal and unjust imprisonment may have saved the lives of many persons of Japanese ancestry because of the level of racism in the US at that time and the chance that some "white patriots" might have chosen to fight the war against Japan in their own backyard and with baseball bats and knives!

Why did the Japanese put so much effort into the battle in the Philippine sea?

It was both the Japanese and us as the United States that put so much effort into the battle of Philippine Sea. But it was because our attack on them was so devastating and crippling that the Japanese threw (nearly worthlessly) everything they had at us. The only problem? We basically exterminated them and put their entire offensive operation out of business.

The US helped defeat the Japanese after they attacked the US in pearl harbor-?

Yes, the US helped defeat the Japanese after they attacked the US in the Pearl harbour.

In war between us movie how did they Japanese change?

Are you asking "how did US movie companies change the Japanese?"

Why could the US Pacific Fleet not immediately stop the Japanese advance?

Because of the japanese estory us"!