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not enough money ha hah hahahahahahah

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Q: What was the problem with Free schools?
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What did free schools had a problem with?

All of the answers are correct

Free schools in the 19th century had problems with what?

Free schools had a problem with _______(Not by Paige Mathews) ~If it is for A+LS the answer would be: All of the above!~(By: Paige Mathews)

What is a good title for a paper about why schools should be peanut free?

Cracking Down on Allergies: The Peanut Problem!

Are Public Schools Free?

Yes public schools are free.

Are public schools in Switzerland free?

all public schools are free,not only in Switzerland

Do middle schools have free periods?

No, most public middle schools don't have a free period. There are several private schools that do though.

Is schooling free in Ireland?

There is free education and most schools are free, but some schools are private and ones that people pay for.

Is school in Poland free?

Public schools in Polands are free. Private schools in Poland are paid.

Are there really free military schools?

Military schools are free just like other public schools are free. They are for the children of the men and women who serve in the United States military.

What middle schools have free periods?

Mostly only private schools.

What type of schools provides free secondary education?

State schools.

Does bullying continue to be a problem in the schools today?

Yes, bullying is still a major problem in all schools today. Elementary, Middle, and High Schools still have bullying and principals, teachers and parents need to come together to form a solution to the problem.