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The purpose of Wilson's Fourteen Points was to show other nations what the USA believed should be part of post-WWI. He also wanted to show other nations that although the USA wasn't a part of most of the war, it would be a major force in the treaty.

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Q: What was the purpose and objective of President Wilson's Fourteen Points?
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What was a major purpose of President Woodrow Wilsons Fourteen Points in 1918?

To set goals for acheiveing peace after World War I.

What was the purpose of the fourteen point of the fourteen points?

The fourteenth point, "a general association of nations", had the purpose of preventing future wars by settling conflicts by mediation by the League of Nations.

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What was the purpose of the fourteen point?

the purpose for Woodrow's Wilson 14 points were to create peace following world war IThe Fourteen Points was a plan for peace following the end of World War I

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How did president Wilson confront radicalism abroad immediately following world war 1?

Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points was how in confronted radicalism abroad immediately following WWI. The purpose of the document was for peace.

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