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There are three kinds of grenades.

Antipersonnel grenades are used against people. There are fragmentation grenades, which break up when they explode and scatter, at high speeds, pieces of metal which injure or kill whoever you used the grenade against. There are also distraction grenades which create a loud noise and bright flash of light to stun the target...while they're stunned, you can rush in and take them into custody. (SWAT teams love distraction grenades.)

Smoke grenades produce thick clouds of smoke. There are white smoke grenades used to conceal troop movements, and colored smoke grenades used for signaling.

Product-delivery grenades come in two varieties. The first are White Phosphorous (willy-pete), which is an incendiary agent. The other are Tear Gas grenades.

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You mean, Grenade? It was intended to explode rapidly throwing pieces of shrapnel, the grenade casing itself, in all directions causing maximum damage within a 15 meter radius.

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Q: What was the purpose of a granade?
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