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The term reform school like the term correctional facility is a confusing one as it is obvious that they did nothing of the sort for juvenile offenders. So I assume they were there to scare people and give society a certain amount of self righteous satisfaction in having been avenged.

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Q: What was the purpose of reform schools?
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Which reform was passed in the 1950s?

ending segregation in schools

What did Woodraw Wilson try and reform?

Ending segregation in schools

Which reform leader brought about the free public schools?

Chris Peacock

What do you do with an 8 year old thief?

It's important to address the behavior calmly and firmly, explaining why stealing is wrong and discussing the consequences of their actions. Encourage honesty and communication to prevent future incidents, and consider seeking advice from a child psychologist or counselor for further guidance.

Are efforts to reform abusive schools for troubled teens making progress?

There has been some progrees made in these situations. There is more needed reform on the way .

What is the purpose of the reform movement?

The purpose of the SRM was to correct injustices throughout America. The biggest one was about Womens Rights.

What was Horace Manns contribution to public education?

He led the Education reform movement, he fought for free better schools.

What were the purpose of the freedom schools?

The purpose of the freedom schools were alternative schools for African Americans. It replaced the social institution and gave opportunities to people who were original excluded by the regular system.

What was educational reform geared towards during 1800?

opening up more schools in the South

Which programs reform was designed to provide funds for schools and federal programs?

Graduated income tax.apex=)

What was the cluny reform movement?

the cluny reform's purpose was to reform the error in monasticism. Monasticism had become corrupt and secular--monks thought they were cultural saviors, and thought they were higher, morally than others. The Cluny Reform was to fix those erros and to reform the thoughts behind monastic living and tradition.

When was The Massive Resistance?

the purpose of it is it integrates schools