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to make sure the british were able to land safely

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Q: What was the reason for the famous charge at the nek in 1915?
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When did Battle of the Nek happen?

Battle of the Nek happened on 1915-08-07.

When was the battle of the NEK?

The Battle of the Nek took place on August 7, 1915. It was part of the Gallipoli campaign. The result of the battle was a victory for Ottoman.

Who fought the battle of the nek?

There were 372 people wounded and killed in the Battle of the Nek. This battle took place on August 7, 1915.

How long did the battle of the nek go for?

It lasted for 15 minutes. It was fought on 7 August 1915.

What country is the Nek in?

The Nek is on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey

What is Nek's birthday?

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When was Nek born?

Nek was born on January 6, 1972.

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When was NEK EAD created?

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What is the birth name of Nek?

Nek's birth name is Filippo Neviani.

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Nek is a name. He is a popular singer and entertainer from Italy. His first album was titled Nek and this is where his performance name came from.

When did Slachter's Nek Rebellion happen?

Slachter's Nek Rebellion happened in 1815.