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the role of a pioneer women was keeping the kids warm and happy at nightime in the wagon

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Q: What was the role of a pioneer women?
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What is the role of women pioneer?

To cook, clean, and take care of their homes and their children.

What was the role of pioneer women?

The pioneer women were the heart, soul and backbone of the homesteaders that moved west. Women worked as partners with the pioneer men or independently in establishing homes, working the land, and developing the towns and cities of the center of America.

What are pioneer women?

Pioneer women were women who lived in the era when they had to cook and clean using no electricity.

What was the role of a pioneer woman?

With the exception of midwives and school teachers, most pioneer women did not work outside of the home. Instead, their primary roles were to serve as wives, mothers, and housekeepers.

Who were the first women to have a right to vote?

pioneer women

How do you use pioneer in a sentence using a verb?

pioneer as a verb - She will pioneer a graduate program for women students. pioneer as a noun - He is a pioneer in the field of microsurgery.

How is Betsy Ross a pioneer women?

She is not a pioneer. They were in the 1800's and she lived in 1776.

What was the role of a pioneer man?

Pioneer men would hunt and trap animals for food and to put on the market.

What was the role of the pioneer woman?

Back then, usually normal what women did back then. Cook, clean, take care of children, once in while they would get some wood, but mostly household stuff.

What do pioneer women wear?

Pioneer women usually wore long cotton skirts of different patterns, button up shirts, and bonnets over their hair.

What kind of American women worked to show the accomplishments of women in the workplace?

Business pioneer

What is the role of the pioneer woman?

Becausethey were revenge seeking people who were scandals.

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