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The social contract was significant because it sparked debate among people. The views on social contract were also used in the French Revolution.

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preserving order and escaping the brutal state of nature

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Q: What was the significance of the social contract?
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When was The Social Significance of the Modern Drama created?

The Social Significance of the Modern Drama was created in 1914.

Which philosopher wrote a social contract?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau is a philosopher who wrote about the social contract theory in his work "The Social Contract" (1762).

Benefits of having a social contract?

benefits of having a social contract ? and what are 5 reasons why the social contracts are good

When was the social contract made?

the social contract was made during the era of gay masterbation.

What could be a sentence with the word Social Contract in it?

social contract is a agreement makes by the government and society i hope its helpful (=

How did social contract related to the development of government?

how are the concept of social contract and the purpose of government related

The 17th and 18th century philosophers John Locke Jean Jacques Rousseau and Thomas Hobbes supported the Theory of government?

Social Contract

According to the social contract theory the contract is?


What is social significance?

Social significance refers to the importance or impact of a concept, event, or action on society as a whole. It examines the broader implications and consequences of these factors on individuals, groups, and communities. Understanding the social significance of various phenomena helps us analyze their influence on people's lives and societal structures.

What is the theory that states governments originated with an agreement?

Social contract APEX SUCKA

What was Rousseau's social contract?

The social contract basically says that the government should say out of of the people business.

Does the US government function under a social contract?

The US government functions under a social contract. As a matter of fact all governments including the Roman empire are run on a social contract.