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In an absolute monarchy ordinary people have to be uncomplaining, loyal and obedient subjects.

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Q: What was the status of people in absolute monarchies?
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What are is the purpose of an absolute monarchies?

To completely control a society/people.

How did absolute monarchies change during the 17 18 and 19 centuries?

Absolute monarchies chances throughout these periods because social structure changed as well. As people's faith in religion grew, the Church felt they too had a sense of political power.

How did absolute monarchies change during?

Oliver Cromwell, as Lord Protector was able to institute change in the power of an absolute monarch by establishing the people as the power in England.

How The Age of Absolutism got its name?

The Age of Absolutism was named because during this time many countries were ruled by monarchies. These monarchies had one ruler with absolute power over their country, land, and people. An example of an absolute monarch would be Tsars of Russia.

Describe the decision - making role of citizens in countries that are dictatorships and in coutries that are absolute monarchies?

Describe the decision-making role of citizens in countries that are dictatorships and in countries that are absolute monarchies.

What countries still have absolute monarchies today?

Saudi Arabia

Who supported absolute monarchies?

a French philosopher: Thomas Hobbes

What replaced absolute monarchies that was equivalent to that system of government?


What ways were Prussia and Austria were similar?

They both were absolute monarchies.

How are constitutional monarchies and absolute monarchies alike and different?

i don't know the way that they are alike, but the absolute the ruler can legally do whatever he/she wants, but as the constitutional, the ruler is bound by the constitution and it's laws.

What monarchies were absolute monarchies?

As of 5 August 2010, several nations continue to employ absolute monarchy as a system of government:BruneiOmanQatarSaudi ArabiaSwazilandVatican CityHowever, Vatican City can also be described as a theocracy.

What is the definition of absolute monarch?

some monarchies today have symbolic or powerless parliaments that the monarch can dissolve or change at will. Countries are considered to be absolute monarchies when the power of their rulers are not restricted under their constitutions.