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Weaving cloth

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Q: What was the water powered loom used for?
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What did the water powered loom do?

It made cloth. The water was used as a form of power to move the machinery in the loom.

What powered edward cartwrights loom for weaving?


Who invented the loom powered by water?

edmund cartwright

Who invented the water powered loom in 1787?

it is a power loom it helps people in many ways

Who invented hand looms?

Edmund Cartwright in 1785 invented a loom powered by water.

What tools did weavers use?

They used this for unraveling the yarn or string on a foot-powered loom.

What are power looms?

a steam, water, or electricity powered, mechanical version of a hand loom, which combines thread to create cloth.

Who invented a mechanical loom powered by a horse or waterwheel?

Richard Trevithick

What is the difference between water loom and air jet loom?

difference between air jet loom and water jet loom

Who is Edmund Cartwright?

Edmund Cartwright was born in 1743 and died in 1823. He was a minister in the Church of England. He attended Oxford. He invented the mechanical loom (patented April 4, 1785.) He invented the steam powered loom in 1797 and it was powered by alcohol. His wool combing machine (1789) took the work of 20 people.

How did the power loom help the industrial revolution?

The power loom was a steam-powered, mechanically-operated version of a regular loom. A loom is a device that combined threads to make cloth.When the power loom became efficient, women replaced most men as weavers in the textile factories.

Did Michael Faraday invented a new powered loom.?

No, Michael Faraday did not invent a powered loom. Faraday was a renowned British scientist known for his work in the field of electromagnetism and electrochemistry, not for inventions related to textiles or weaving machinery.