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Q: What was thomas Jefferson's campaign?
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Who eles would know Thomas Jefferson?

Thomas Jeffersons mom

When did Thomas Jeffersons dad died?

When Thomas was 14 years old

Where is the phonograoh in poptropica?

Thomas Jeffersons roof

Was Thomas Jeffersons election in New Mexico?


What are Thomas Jeffersons opponents?

Aaron Burr

Thomas Jeffersons mansion name?


Thomas Jeffersons downfall?

He had a successful Presidency.

What was Thomas Jeffersons fathers name?

Thomas Jefferson's father was Peter Jefferson.

Who was Thomas Jeffersons brother?

Thomas Jefferson's brother was named Randolph Jefferson.

What was two of Thomas jeffersons Inventions?

Clock and Wheelchair

Was James Madison thomas jeffersons friend?


What was thomas jeffersons everyday life?

he was filthy rich