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Potatoes , chocolate, corn, tomatoes were all foods that came to Europe by explorers.

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Q: What was unknown in Europe explorers visited the Americas?
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Which was unknown in Europe before European explorers visited the Americas?


Was onions unknown in Europe explorers when visited the Americas?

No. The onion is believed to have originated in Asia, but they grew wild on every continent.

Which was unknown in Europe before European explores visited America?


Are European explorers explorers that came from Europe?

Viking Leif Ericson was the first European explorer who visited New York in 1000 A.D. Other famous European explorers to New York include John Cabot of Italy, Jacques Cartier of France, and Henry Hudson of England.

Continent from which the explorers came?

The explorers came from Europe.

The continent to which most Renaissance explorers hoped to find a route?

Explorers were looking for Antarctica. Explorers stumbled upon the Americas on accident, and the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia were known prior.

How did the explorers contribute to the development of Europe?

how did explorers contribute to the development of europe

When was the christian church founded in America?

From Christopher Columbus in 1492, almost all explorers who came to the Americas from Europe were Christian, so it basically started in 1492.

Why and which Continent used to be known as the dark Continent?

People from Europe, Australia, and the Americas used to call Africa the "dark continent." There were two reasons. One, was that it was very difficult for explorers who went there, and many of them died of illnesses such as yellow fever and malaria. Second, was because most of the continent was unknown as a result of that difficulty in exploration.

Did the Romans eat potatos?

No, the Romans did not eat potatoes. The potato was introduced in the Americas from Europe in much later times.

Who made the first tomato sauce?

Most likely natives of the pre-Columbus Americas (including the Caribbean) as the tomato plant was indigenous to the Americas and unknown in Europe and elsewhere until that time.

What continent were the old world explorers from?

The explorers were from Europe.