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they have a daughter and son who married

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Q: What was unusual about Ford as President and Rockafeller as Vice President?
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What unusual and undesirable situation occurred as a result of the resignation of President Nixon and vice president Agnew?

Gerald Ford became President without ever being elected either Vice President or President.

Which president is the only one not to have been elected vice president or president?

Gerald Ford. He was appointed Vice president by President Richard Nixon when the elected Vice president, Spiro Agnew, resigned. Then Ford became President by succeeding to the office when President Nixon resigned from office.

Who was the only american to become vice-president and president after resignations?

Gerald Rudolph Ford was the first vice-president to become president after a resignation.

Was Henry Ford a vice president and president?

No- Henry Ford built cars.

Who replaced Spiro Agnew as vice president of the US in 1973?

The person to replace Spiro Agnew in 1973 was Gerald Ford. President Nixon appointed Gerald Ford to be Vice President.

Who was the vice president in1976?

Nelson Rockefeller was the Vice President under President Gerald Ford from 1974-1977.

What is the 40 vice president?

Gerald Ford was the 40th Vice President under President Nixon from 1973-1974.

Who is the vice president after Agnew?

Gerald R. Ford was the 40th Vice President.

President of US was unelected President and unelected Vice President?

Gerald Ford

What vice president became president in 1974?

Gerald Ford

What did Gerald Ford do politically before president?


Gerald Fords vice pres?

Gerald Ford's Vice President was Nelson A. Rockefeller.