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AnswerI'm not sure what Johnson did in 1960, but in 1964, having assumed the presidency after the Kennedy assassination in 1963, he launched a program called the Great Society. The following link will take you to a 1964 graduation speech he made in Michigan in which he talks about the Great Society.

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His domestic policy was called 'The Great Society'

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President Johnson called his domestic reform program the Great Society.

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Peac3 crops

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Q: What was what President Johnson called his plan for the country?
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Who led the south under president Johnsons plan?

either white wealthy planters, federal troops, or black republicans

Who developed a plan called the great society?

President Lyndon B. Johnson.

what was president Johnson call his plan for improving the nation?

The Great Society was what Johnson called his package of programs. Among them was his War on Poverty.

Who had a plan o help the poor called great society?

Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th President of the US.

How was president Johnson's reconstruction plan similar and different from president Lincoln ten percent plan?

well president Lincoln wanted to end slavery but on the other hand president Johnson wanted to keep it.

How did president Johnson and congress change the recontruction plan during Lincoln's death?

how did president johnson and congress change the reconstruction plan during lincoln's death?

Who disagreed with President Johnson's reconstruction plan?


What president supported the plan of Radical Reconstruction.?

Andrew Johnson. Abraham Lincoln's vice president.

Which president created the great society plan?

Lyndon Johnson

Who was the president that departed from Lincoln's plan of reconstruction?

Andrew Johnson

What was true of the Radical Republicans' plan for the South?

It showed how powerful Congress was compared to the president. or It put them in conflict with President Johnson.

Who was true of the Radical Republicans plan for the South?

It Put Them In Conflict With President Johnson (: .Tara Elizabeth Douglas <3