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The Constitution of the Untied States

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Q: What was written to replace the articles of convetion?
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What was the constitution written to replace?

The US Constitution replace the Articles of Federation.

Why did congress call a convetion to revise the articles of confederation?

because they wanted to aknowledge the AOC to make changes to it

In what year was Constitution written and what did it replace?

It was written from May to September 1787 replacing the articles.

What document did the US Constitution replace?

Articles of Confederation

What was the impact of shays rebellion?

Epitomized all of the dysfunction of the Articles of Confederation and prompted the founding fathers to call the Constitutional Convetion to "revise" the Articles.

What did the Constitution replace?

The Articles of Confederation.

Who wanted to replace the articles of confederations?

James Madison wanted to replace the Articles of Confederation because he thought they would have a stronger national government. But Patrick Henry wanted to keep the Articles. :))

What did PA and 1776 Constitution and the Articles of Confederation have in common?

A group of Pennsylvanians who wanted to replace the state constitution also wanted to replace the Articles.

What did the founding fathers do when the articles of confederation failed?

They wrote the Constitution, to replace the Articles of Confederation.

Was the Articles of Confederation written after the constitution?

Just the opposite, actually. The Articles were written first.

Why was the constitutional convetion held?

the purpose was to make the federal government stronger and have more control over the colonists.... etc.

What did the delegates at the Constitutional Convention decide to do?

Replace the Articles of Confederation with an entirely new document(apex)