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Zebulon Pike was sent by Jefferson to explore the southern parts of the Louisiana Purchase, as Lewis and Clark were sent on a more northerly route.

Pike discovered the mountain bearing his name, Pike's Peak.

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Q: What was zebulon pike role in the westward expansion?
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The Louisiana Purchase played an important role in the westward expansion it was the beginning of the convergence of multi-cultural frontiers.

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People believed that the United States was meant to grow in size.

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Slavery played a significant role in westward expansion in the United States. The expansion of slavery into new territories and states fueled sectional tensions between the North and South, eventually leading to the American Civil War. The issue of whether new states would allow or prohibit slavery was a major factor in determining the balance of power between the free and slave states, and ultimately the course of westward expansion.

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The Erie Canal opened in 1825, on October 26. It opening played a role in the expansion of the United States westward that is difficult to exaggerate.

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One of the things that the government did was to provide protection against Indians. The government also provided large land grants for the railroads.

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The role of African Americans in the movement towards westward expansion has been attention on the lives and contributions of these often forgotten pioneer.

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Well for starters,,you spelled Sacagawea's name wrong,,and she had no role in the purchase of Louisiana territory,, neither did Zebulon Pike, or Lewis and Clark for that matter. It was Thomas Jefferson's dream and he had John Adams and two other people over in France cementing the deal

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