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Q: What were English officials given so they could cut down on smuggling?
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What were English official given so they could down on smuggling?

Writs of assistance

What were English officials given so they could cut down on?

The answer is C

What is importing and exporting goods illegally called?

Smuggling is the name given to importing and exporting goods illegally.

Who can make political decisions for the government?

Without any more specific information about which government, no better answer could be given than: government officials.

What are the leading officials called in Australia?

Leaders is the general term given to the leading officials in Australia. The leading officials are referred to different names depending with the positions that they hold.

What is the title given to government officials in the Khmer Kingdoms?


What is the Bali nine?

The Bali nine is the name given to the nine Australians who were caught smuggling herion from Bali to Australia in April 2005.

What name is given to officials in charge of forest etc?

Forresters, or rangers.

What title is given to Government workers who interact with foreign officials?


Why were Church Officials more powerful?

Church officials in the past have been very powerful because of the free reign that was given to them. Church officials have long been able to scare t heir congregations into doing their bidding.

Welcome given by mayor?

A welcome given by a mayor is typically hand written. Some officials have the welcome speech wrote by someone else.

What is the English meaning of the name kelsey?

From"From an English surname which is of disputed meaning. It could be derived from the Old English given name Ceolsige meaning "ship victory". Alternatively it could be from a place name meaning "Cenel's island", from the Old English name Cenel "fierce" in combination with eg "island"."