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* French and Indian War experience, not all positive, but understood tactics, military structure, leadership of ifficers. * Surveyor- a good sense of the role of land/landscape in tactics * skilled equestrian * Wealthy Virginia planter- could afford to serve (took no pay during entire war) * Strong physical presence- commanded respect * Gained the loyalty and respect of the common soldier, of a strong core of talented officers, and help from abroad-Lafayette, Rochabeau, von Steuban, de Galvez, pulaski, etc. * While he did not have great W/L record, some clever tactivs in the field * understood the necessity of a core Continental Army as well as local militia companies- knew their limitations * never in public lost hope... even after defeats, bad news, etc(fall of Charleston, loss of Philadephia, Benedict Arnold's betrayal, etc) * Above all these, manged to keep the army together during terrible war years, privation, desertions, etc... he was able to keep the cause alive... his greatest contribution.

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Q: What were George Washington's main attributes as a commander?
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