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he promised to disregard females and acquire money

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to always be safe

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Q: What were John Adams promises?
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Was Francis G Adams related to John Adams or John Q Adams?

Francis G Adams was related to neither John Adams or John Q adams but John Adams and John Q Adams are father and son father=John Adams son=John Q Adams

Are John Adams and John Qunicy Adams the same?

John Quincy Adams was the eldest son of John Adams.

Is the father of John Adams the 2ND president also named John Adams?

John Adams, Sr. was the name of the father of President John Adams. John Quincy Adams was John Adams' son.

Was it John Quincy Adams or John Adams in the xyz affair?

It was John Adams

Who was John Adams parents?

it was john Adams and savanna Adams

How were John Adams and Sam Adams related?

Samuel Adams and John Adams were second cousins. John Adams was James Adams father, John Quincy Adams was also John Adams son and James Adams brother. no there weren't brothers

Who was a better president John Adams or John Q Adams?

John Q. Adams

What is John Adams sons name?

John Quincy Adams

When did John Adams Senior become president?

Never. John Adams Senior never became president. The John Adams who became the second president was John Adams Jr, or John Adams the second. John Quincy Adams, the 6th US president, was John Adams Senior's grandchild.

Who led the Americans' negotiations with France?

Benjamin Franklin and John Adams

Is Abigail Adams related to Sam Adams?

Well Samuel Adams was related to John Adams, they were cousins. John Adams was John Quincy Adams father. Therefore Samuel Adams was John Adams second cousin.

What were the names of John Adams' parents?

John Adams was the son of John Adams and Susanna Adams. A link can be found below.