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Her Main Goal was to become a writer

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Q: What were Marie Antoinettes goals?
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What were Marie Antoinett's last words?

Marie Antoinettes' last words were "Pardon me Sir, i meant not to do it" to an executioner whose foot she accidently stepped on.

Marie Antoinettes friendship when she was young?

Before she lived in France, her best friend was her older sister, Maria Carolina.

What was Marie Antoinettes name after the execution of her husband Louis xvl widow?

After the execution of Louis XVI she was called widow Capet.

How did Marie Antoinettes child Louis xv11 die?

He died of a scrofulous affection of long standing. He was held prisoner and was abused in horrible ways.

Queen Marie Antoinettes personal painter?

She had several artists paint her, but her most favorite one was madame Elisabeth Louise Vigée le Brun.

Was Marie antoinettes husband gay?

Probably not. He was a little odd, especially around women, but he did conceive 4 children with Marie Antoinette. He never had a mistress either male or female.

What has the author Clara Tschudi written?

Clara Tschudi has written: 'Elizabeth' 'Euge nie, Empress of the French' 'Marie Antoinettes ungdom' -- subject(s): Fiction 'Marie Antoinette og revolutionen' -- subject(s): Fiction, History 'Augusta, empress of Germany' 'Napoleon's mother'

Who were some of the famous people victims of the guillotine?

Among several hundreds some famous were king Louis XVI and his wife queen Marie Antoinette

What was Marie curie goals?

Marie Curie's main goals were to study and understand materials with radioactive properties, especially the ones which she discovered, radium and polonium.

What were the name of the goals that Marie Curie accomplished?

polonium and radium

Who is Marie Antoinettes parents?

The father of Marie-Antoinette, queen consort of France, was Francis I, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (back then: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, parts of Czech Republic, parts of Italy and parts of Poland). He died on the 18th of August 1765 in the Austrian palace of Innsbruck.

Did Marie Antoinettes children survive the revolution?

Louis XVI and Marie-Antionette had two daughters and two sons. Two of these died before the Revolution. The two royal children alive during the Revolution were Louis the Dauphin, heir to the Throne, and Marie-Therese. Marie-Therese and Louis were separated from their parents when they were imprisoned (both their parents were put on trial and executed). The Dauphin died in prison; it is not clear whether it was a deliberate murder or whether he simply died of illness in the unsanitary conditions of the prison. He was never put on trial. Louis was later known as "Louis XVII" despite the fact that he was never crowned as King. A number of people attempted to impersonate him in later life and claim the French throne. Marie-Therese survived the Revolution and died in 1851.