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white, christian males

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Q: What were all of the first 43 US presidents as far as gender race and religion?
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One of the United Nations major goals is to promote respect for human rights regardless of plus?

religion, gender, and race. all of the answers are correct

The guarante that you will not be discriminted against baced your race religion age gender?

The constitution.

Who does cocaine?

Anyone, from any background, status, class, race, gender, country, or religion.

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every race, nationality, religion, gender ect.

What is the reintergation phase called in the army?

Race, religion, gender, national origin and color are defined as what?

Should women play rugby?

Yes. Sports should not discriminate on race, religion, or gender.

What are five human characteristics of Canada?

There is race(multicultral), gender, age, languages, and culture/religion

What is another way of describing a minority group that comprises people of certain race ethnicity religion gender age disability?

Another way of DESCRIBING A MINORITY GROUP, this type of group comprises people of certain race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, disability.

What are 5 prohibited grounds for discrimination in the workplace?

Gender, Race, Sexual Orientation, Religion, Ethnic origin

What does equal opportunities and diversity mean to you?

not discriminated people for race gender religion respecting each differences

What term refers to an extreme form of bullying that is directed at others because they are of a different race religion or gender?

Several terms could apply to extreme race, religion or gender-oriented bullying. "Hate crime" might be one term, or "persecution" might be another. Both can involve bullying, but also more serious things such as imprisonment or murder.

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