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Federalists: supporters of constitution favoring balance of power between states/national government

-insisted that division of powers and system of checks and balances would protect Americans from tyranny of centralized authority

Antifederalists: against constitution because they opposed having a strong central government

-feared that strong central government would serve interests of privileged minority and ignore rights of majority, also raised doubts that single government could manage the affairs of an entire country

-main argument centered on Constitution's lack of protection of individual rights

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A better question would be: What is not controversial about the constitution? We have a supreme court, whose total function is to interpret what the founding fathers intended when it was written, also the preamble contains moronic rhetoric. To put Free and goverened into the same rhetoric is oxymoronic!

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The main problem most colonies had with the Constitution was that it did not guarantee people protections from the federal government. They were afraid that the federal government would be too powerful and could slip back into a regime similar to the one they had lived under as British colonies. Only when the Bill of Rights, which enumerated the various civil liberties people are entitled to by law, was added onto the Constitution was it ratified by all 13 colonies.

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The group of people who didn't support the Constitution were called Antifederalists. Their main problem with the Constitution was that it didn't have a section that listed their individual rights (Bill of Rights). They also argued that the national government was too strong and were afraid of tyranny. Some even thought that they shouldn't have created a new government. Most Antifederalists were small farmers and debtors. Antifederalists wrote articles and pamphlets and spoke out in state conventions. The articles and pamphlets became known as the Antifederalist Papers.

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Q: What were arguments for and against the ratification of constitution?
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What major arguments did the anti Federalist offer in opposition to ratification of the constitution?

The answer to this question is this.... They opposed having such a strong central government and thus were against the Constitution.

What were sectional arguments caused by?

People who favored ratification of the new Constitution were called

What do you call a federalist that is against the ratification of the US Constitution?

Federalists were for the ratification of the Constitution. Those who opposed such ratification were called Anti-Federalists or Confederalists.

Who fought for and against ratification of the constitution?

Federalists fought for the ratification of the constitution and anti-federalists fought against it. For more information, visit the Related Question.

Why did antifederalists argue against ratification of the constitution?

it had no bill of rights

What arguments did the federalists make to support ratification of the Constitution?

The federalists made a number of arguments to support the ratification of the constitution. They preferred a strong national government since they believed that if the states had too much power it would result into so many other confederacy governments within the states.

How did anti-fedralist present arguments against ratification?

The Anti-Federalists argued that a new Constitution would be a step towards monarchy and that the country would be bled dry through state and federal taxation.

A major argument against ratification of the constitution was the absence of?

The major argument was the absence of a bill of rights in the Constitution

The greatest attack against ratification of the Constitution was that it did not have a Bill of Rights for the people?


The Anti-Federalists opposed ratification of the U.S. Constitution because they?

The Anti-Federalists opposed ratification of the U.S. Constitution because they were against increasing the power of the national government.

What two groups fought back forth about ratifying the constitution?

The Federalists, who were for the ratification of the Constitution, and the Anti-federalists, who were against the ratification.

What 3 main arguments of the Federalists and the Anti- Federalist?

they supported the right to tax the country, the ratification of the constitution, and they supported a strong central [federal] government