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Known as "War Hawks" they were a group of Republican Congressmen who demanded the United States declare war against Great Britain, invade British Canada, and expel the Spanish from Florida.

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The members of congress in 1812 that favored war were called war hawks.

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War Hawks

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Q: What were congressmen who supported war with England in 1812 called?
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What were people called who supported England in the war of 1812?

war hawks

Who opposed the declaration of war in 1812?

Congressmen from New England and members of the Opposition Federalist Party argued against the war for what reason?

What was the second war with England called?

The War of 1812.

What group supported declaring war against England in 1812?

Young leaders from the west and south known as war hawks

What were the war hawks in the war of 1812?

Anyways the warhawks in the war of 1812 were radicals who wanted to go to war with the british. They dominated the congress at the time which is a major reason for the war of 1812. Henry Clay of Kentucky was the figure head of the group. Clay was the speaker of the house in 1812. Most warhawks were located in the southern frontier where there was still many disputes/fights with native Americans (british allies) which lead to their drastic beliefs.

Is there a war in 1812?

Yes,There was a war with England called the War of 1812.The war lasted from 1812 to 1815.The war is often excluded from History lessons because there was no real outcome from it.

When did a decietful French dictator and aggressive western congressmen maneuver a reluctant president into a war with Britain?


Who supported the war of 1812?

Just before the War of 1812, the regions that were mostly for the war were the West and the South.

What name was given to congressmen eager to go to war with Great Britain in 1812?

They were called "War Hawks." The name hawk continues to refer to those who support military action, as opposed to doves who oppose it.

Who were the westerners who supported and promoted the War of 1812?

War Hawks

What group of people supported the war of 1812?

The West and the South supported the war, whereas the North opposed it, particularly the New England Federalists.

In 1812 who were England against?

We fought on two fronts in 1812 England v America England v France won one.......lost one.....