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some people were still sleeping and some were getting ready for church

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Q: What were people doing before the attack on pearl harbor?
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What was the world doing before the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Well we were fighting in the war. the ship that was there was just reloading on supplies and taking a break when the Japanes attacked Pearl Harbor.

What were the US servciemen doing just before the Pearl Harbor attack?

most where sleeping, but some where at the morning flag ceremony.

What were Japanese diplomats doing prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor?

They were trying to figure out a way to give the USA the declaration of war only moments before the attack so that the surprise would not be outside of the rules of war. They failed in this regard and the declaration of war was provided to Washington over three hours after the attack began.

Why did Sydney harbor Brudge close for hours on Sunday?

People were doing a runnathon

Which killed more people the attack on Pearl Harbor or the attack on the twin towers?

The attack on the Twin towers was more devastating. The deaths number near 3,000. The attack on Pearl Harbor recorded 2,403 killed in the battle/attack.

What were the people doing when they heard the news of the attack on pearl harbor in world war 2?

Living their daily lives; breakfast, lunch, dinner, work, etc. Except for watching TV; televisions didn't exist back then.

What were some defensive tactics used in the war by Japan like hit and run?

You could consider the attack on Pearl Harbor a defensive action. Yes they took the offensive and attacked us but by doing so they were defending their plans by damaging our Navy. Fortunately for us our aircraft carriers were not in the harbor at the time which left us with options, but the original plans the Japanese had was to attack while they were in the harbor as well.

What events triggered US entry into World War 2?

The attack of Pearl harbor and then the united states got word of what hitler was doing to the Jews and so we invaded

What day was peral harbor attacked?

Pearl Harbor was attacked the day of December 7, 1941. Japan knew that U.S. would be off guard due to partying from our young soldiers. Japan also knew that they would be asleep by the morning. (y estoy guapo perros!! arriba sinaloa)

Should dogs who attack owners and other people be muzzled?

i have no clue what i am doing ?

Why did japan attack Pearl Harbor drawing us into war?

because japan wanted all the islands in the pacific and America was stopping them from doing so also the president of America knew this was going to happen so only left one boat in the harbor so if enough people died they could declare war because the president wanted to join ww2

What were the Japanese doing before World War II?

Fighting China (1894), then fighting Russia (1904), then invading China (1931), well before Pearl Harbor (1941).