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Q: What were president William Taft's failures in office?
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What was President William Howard Tafts Term of Service?

William Howard Taft, 1909-1913

What were Howard Tafts terms of office?

William Howard Taft served one complete term as President. 4 March 1909 to 4 March 1913.

Dose president Taft have scottish connections?

President William H. Tafts' ancestry was English and Scotch-Irish.

What was William Tafts other job before coming president?

He served as Secretary of War in Theodore Roosevelt's Cabinet.

When William Taft was in office what was tafts pet?

He had a pet cow named Pauline Wayne. William Taft kept a pet cow named Pauline in the garage of the White House.

What are William Howard Tafts weaknesses?

His weight

What is William Howard Tafts wife name?

The wife of Wm. H. Taft was Helen (Nellie) Herron.

Who was William Tafts wife?

William Howard Taft's wife was Helen (Nellie) Herron.

What was William Taft's farmer government position?

what is william tafts farmer government position

When did William Tafts term end?


What was William h Tafts education?

He went to Yale College.

What happened during William tafts presidency?

His wife had a stroke.