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Q: What were settlers west of the appalachians called?
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Settlers west of the appalachians relied on the Mississippi river for?

for trade and transportation

Settlers wanted to cross the appalachians because?

settlers Wanted cross the Appalachians because

What town is west of the Appalachians?

There are thousands of towns west of the Appalachians.

How did the appalachians affect settlers?

It was hard to cross the Appalachians and it made travel difficult and dangerous

Controlled the land west of the Appalachians?

American Indians controlled the land west of the Appalachians.

The legislation 1787 that allowed for the fair development of territories west of the Appalachians was called?

the Northwest Ordinance

Why did the proclamation of 1763 hamper the western movement of settlers?

this made the colonists unable to move west of the appalachians. they had to pay multiple taxes and this made the colonists angry at parliament.

Settlers west of the Appalachian mountains were called?


What state is the central plains in?

west of appalachians

What plains in the central plains?

west of appalachians

What river is west of the Appalachians?

St.Lawrence River

As settlers moved west what happened to the area called middle ground?

As the settlers pushed back the indians, the "middle gound" also moved west.