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Q: What were some of the first policies of Andrew Jackson's presidency?
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What was Andrew jacksons's first job?

He worked as a saddle maker and schoolteacher before he studied law and passed the bar,

When did Andrew Jackson first run for president?

Andrew Jackson first ran for the Presidency in 1824. After not being elected, Jackson ran again in 1828, and took office in 1829.

What were the struggles that Andrew Jackson went threw during his presidency?

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Andrew jacksons Democratic Party is known as the first modern political party because?

It mobilized the expanded electorate to win officePlato(: VG

John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jacksons vice president?

John C. Calhoun was VP under Adams and also Jackson (first term.)

What was the first song the Jacksons wrote?

I think it was "Blues Away" which was on The Jacksons' album "The Jacksons."

What was andrew jacksons politacal party?

Andrew Jackson was part of the Democratic party in America when he was president. This is particularly notable because he was the first president elected as a democrat. The party continued to exist and our current president, Barack Obama is also a democrat.

Who was the first incumbent to lose presidency?

John Quincy Adams was the first president to be denied reelection. He lost the election to Andrew Jackson. He then was elected to the House of Representatives.

During the campaign of 1828 what did John Adams say about Andrew Jacksons wife?

Andrew Jackson may have been our seventh president, but he was first in many ways. He was the first populist president who did not come from the aristocracy, he was the first to have his vice-president resign and he was the first to marry a divorcee. This was something John Adam spoke about during his canditade running.

How was Andrew Jackson background different from previous presidents?

Andrew Jackson's background was different from previous background because he wasn't rich. He had to work hard to earn his place in the presidency and he also felt for the poor.

Who was Andrew Jacksons secretary of state?

Martin Van Buren during most his first term, then Edward Livingston. In the second term Louis MacLane and John Forsyth.

What was Stonewall Jacksons dads first name?

Stonewall Jacksons father was named Jonathan.