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Construction projects in Indiana

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Q: What were the accomplishments of the WPA?
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The government formed a work force to create jobs called the WPA what do the letters WPA stand for?

WPA stands for Public Works Administration

Does WPA still exist today?

No the WPA does not still exist. As it states on Wikipedia, the WPA was closed down by Congress and the war boom in 1943.

What did wpa workers program stand for?

WPA stands for Works Progress Administration.

What did Ben Shahn do during the 1930 in the WPA?

Nothing. The WPA was not created until 1935

What best characterizes Eugenia's beliefs about the WPA?

Employment through the WPA is an act of desperation

What is wpa key?

WPA key is a password for your wifi connection it's to help you be secure.

What is ANIW2CS2 Service?

These 2 services are the WPA supplicant for the D-Link wireless utility. They are integrated in the D-Link utility to give you WPA/WPA-PSK support

Where can one find a guide to crack WPA?

A guide to crack WPA can be found online on various forums that specialize in electronics. However, WPA is extremely secure and you will not be able to crack it.

What does a WEP or WPA key mean for the Xbox 360?

wep and wpa both are encryption standards to make a more secure wifi network, so your xbox needs to have the same wep/wpa code that your router is set to. if you have to choose between wep or wpa, choose wpa if possible because it is virtualy uncrackable and it will save your bacon

What is the purpose of WPA?

In a computer security context, WPA was an attempt to improve the security of wireless computer networks.

How would one configure a WPA security?

One can configure WPA security settings by going under your internet options, which is under the control panel. While in there, there will be an option to configure your WPA settings.

What does WPA-PSK stands for?

WPA-PSK is a type of encryption which must be used if you have choose between WEP and WPA-PSK. If you have an option to use WPA-PSK2 to use it because it's even better. PS: The problem with WEP is that it takes about 5 minutes to hack it. For WPA-PSK with password of at least 8 symbols it might take years if the password is complicated enough.