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The American's used guerrilla warfare tactics that they learned from the Native Americans. The British stood in a line.

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Q: What were the fighting methods used in the American revolution?
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What were methods used by american revolution?

Spying methods

How were the American colonies able to defeat the superior forces of the British during the American revolution?

The Americans were fighting for a cause and because they used guerrilla warfare.

How were American troops used in Russia in World War 1?

American troops were used in Russia during there revolution along with English troops fighting on the side of the whites defending the Czar against the reds.

What does the Age of Enlightenment have to do with the American Revolution?

American revolution used the idea of enlightenment

What is the style of fighting used by the Americans in revolution war?


What fighting methods were used by the samurai in the time of Medieval Japan?

they poo in cups

What was the American strategies in the American Revolution?

well,they were much more familiar with the land they were fighting the british on,and successfully used guerrilla tactics.this involved a hit-and-run strategy,instead of head-to-head battle.

What were the fighting methods used in World War 1?

trench method and expanding military

What Methods were used to Protect Child Workers in the Industrial Revolution?

The methods that were used was buckets of dirt to put out fires since they didnt have fire extiguishers yet.

What is a similarity between the Reign of Terror and the Cultural Revolution in China during the French Revolution?

used violent methods to eliminate their opponents

What is Americas traditional methods in wars?

There were many traditional methods that American's used in wars. These American's would often fight head on to the death.

How was the draft used in American Revolution?

There was no draft during the American Revolution. Rather, colonies relied on their respective militia for volunteer support.

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