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In the revolution the typical fire fight style was when all the soldiers would stand in a line about 5-10 meters away from the opposing army and fire at will with extremly inaccurate smoothe bore muskets hoping the musket ball would hit somebody on the other side facing you hopeing the same thing. The fighting styles of the civil war are basicly the same as the fighting styles of the revolution. The melee combat in the revolution was basically fix bayonets and stab the heck out of your opponent until he dident move any more or fell to the ground and dident get up. The calvary fighting style did not involve men on horses fighting with swords instead it involved men on horses shooting at one an other with long barreld horse pistols or shot carbines. Sniping fighting style was a style that was mainly illusive of the enemy. Snipers had rifiling (grooves carved into the barrel of the rifle to put a spin on the bullet) down the barrels of ther guns no scopes, a sniper would sit in a tree and pick off enimies one by one from a distance looking for high quality targets. Artillary fighting styles were to use a large gun to launch a large (possibly exploding) projectile over a long distance to destroy the enemie ranks...=]]

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European style; walk shoulder to shoulder with the men right next to you side by side directly into the rifles aiming at you. When you got close, say 50 yards, you leveled your musket/rifle and fired a volley (every man firing at once). After a year or two of this, the Americans (not US at that time) began to fight "Indian Style", taking cover behind trees and opening fire. The British continued to walk directly into our rifles. The British accused us of not fighting FAIR (Guerilla War)! We called it fighting SMART!

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The Patriots used one of the earliest documented forms of "guerrilla warfare".

Prior to this era, wars were fought through number and tactic. Armies lined up face-to-face and squared off this way, head-to-head. Basically, whoever had more men and had a more clever strategy won the war.

In the American Revolution, however, Americans used guerrilla warfare to combat a force they stood little to no chance against should they have fought head on. The Patriots were not as large in number, skilled, or disciplined as their British adversaries, so they needed to find a way around this.

It wasn't uncommon for small numbers of Americans to hide out in trees, brush, bales of hay, buildings, etc. and ambush their enemies as they came through the area.

This shattered the entire concept of "respectful" and "acceptable" terms of warfare in favor of efficiency. This contributed largely to America's success during the American Revolution.

Hope this helped!

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Nathaniel Green invented the early forms of guerrilla warfare in South Carolina.

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The American's used guerrilla warfare tactics that they learned from the Native Americans. The British stood in a line.

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Q: What were the fighting styles of the rebels in the American revolution?
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