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The first set of U.S. laws were called The Articles of Confederation. The framers were going to amend it, but instead wrote the Constitution.

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Q: What were the first set of laws of the US called?
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What was The original set of laws governing the US was?

articles of confederation

Where were the first laws of the US made?

the first U.S. laws were made in ANNAPOLIS, MD

How does the us government gurantee the freedom of us citizens?

it has set laws in it that protect citizens

Where are the fundamental laws that set out the principles of the US government found?

In the US Constitution and all its amendments

What were the laws called that ruled the US before the constitution?

They were called Grows.

What are the us first laws?

One of the earliest laws in the colonies was the 1635 law/act concerning education. It stated that when an area reached a set population a public school was to be established and all children were to attend school.

What is the name for a set of rules enforcing religious standards in US?

Blue laws

Was the code of Hammurabi based on a series of fines?

The Hammurabi code is the first known codified set of laws in existence. It gave us an example of how to codify laws. Remeber that the death penalty was highly enforced in ancient times.

What is set of rules enforcing religious standards and regulationg work on Sundays in US?

Blue Laws

Who was the first to set there flag on the moon?


Why is US called a dictatorship country?

The US should not be called a dictatorship. It is a Federal Republic form of government. We elect persons to represent us in making laws.

Does the president of the united states set out laws and principles for the government of the united states?

No. As the head of the US Executive branch, the President is responsible for ensuring that US laws are enforced. The Legislative branch, Congress, establishes laws. The judicial branch, the US Supreme Court determines the Constitutionality of those laws that are brought before them.