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In the 1750's the English colony of Georgia was mostly wilderness, and was the farthest south of the 13 colonies, just north of Florida, which was then owned by Spain. Walking would have been the most common way to get around. Travel between large cities, other colonies, or by the rich, would have been done in horse drawn vehicles, from fancy carrages to a simple farmer's wagon. Anyone with a horse would have been able to get around on the dirt roads at a pace much faster than walking. Ships could visit the Atlantic Coast, these comming from other coastal colonies, England, or perhaps slave ships from Africa. On Georgia's many rivers, people probably used simple crafts such as rafts, or other small wooden boats. The best way to travel through the swamps was not to try, but those desprate enough to try would have been best to use rafts or horses, but you could never tell how deep the water was..

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LPC's (leather personnel carriers--feet in shoes), horses, and wagons (pulled by horse, mule, or oxen), and boats and barges on the rivers and lakes (ships in ports like Savannah).

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Q: What were the main modes of transportation in Georgia in 1750?
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