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George Washington Custis Lee never married, and had no children. He was the son of Robert E. Lee. The only children of Robert E. Lee and Mary Custis to marry and have children were their sons Rooney and Rob.

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John Custis 1754-1781 Martha Custis 1755-1773

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her daughters name was patsy...i have no clue what her sons name was...sorry

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Q: What were the names of Martha Custis's children?
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What were George Washington's children's names?

Washington did not have any children of his own. He had two step-children , John and Martha.

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George Washington had no children of his own. His wife Martha Dandridge Custic had kids from a previous marraige and he helped raise them. There names were Martha and John.

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Martha Washington had four children from her first marriage to Daniel Parke Custis. Their names were John Parke Custis, Martha Parke Custis, Daniel Parke Custis Jr., and Frances Parke Custis.

What are the names of Martha curtis's children?

Martha had 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls, two of them died. The ones that lived were John and Martha.

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John and Martha Parke Custis

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