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the new executive departments were ITS IN YOUR TEXT BOOK

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The three new executive departments were ; State, Treasury and War.

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Q: What were the new executive departments?
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Which four executive departments were established after the Revolution?

The first four executive departments were the Departments of State, War, Treasury and the Attorney General.

What three executive departments did Washington organize after taking office?

What are the four departments in the states executives branch

Executive departments how cabinet are chosen?

Heads of executive departments are nominated by the President subject to the approval of Congress.

The presidents cabinet consists of what?

the heads of major departments in the executive branch

The presidents cabinet consists of?

the heads of major departments in the executive branch

The creation of three departments in the executive branch of government illustrated the new nations concern about all of the?


How many executive departments are there and what are they?

There are 15

What is a major function of the president's cabinet?

To oversee the operation of executive departments.

Who are the members of the executive branch of the Philippines?

The executive branch of the Philippine government is the largest branch, with the executive departments having the most compartments. The executive branch consists of the president, vice president, cabinet, executive departments, and local government.

What has the author Gary L Galemore written?

Gary L Galemore has written: 'Federal executive departments' -- subject(s): Executive departments

Most executive departments such as the Department of Defense are headed by a?

Most executive departments, such as the Department of Defense, are headed by a secretary.

What is unique about the executive branch?

i It is the only branch of government elected by citizens