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The German government replied by issuing orders such as, not to work for the french authority put up passive resistance

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Q: What were the political effects of the Ruhr invasion?
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What types of problems did Germany face in 1929?

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1920 how did the Invasion of the Ruhr help increase Hitlers rise to power?

The invasion of the Ruhr helped increase Hitler's rise to power because he was able to manipulate the situation in his favour, to suggest that he could prevent the problem and seek revenge on France for their cruel treatment of the German people. In the time of crisis, with hyperinflation and a lack of produce from the Ruhr after the ban, people wanted someone to help them overcome the situation. This is why many turned to Hitler, therefore causing him to rise further to power.

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Does the word Ruhr have an umlaut?

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Is The Ruhr located in the Paris Basin?

No, the Ruhr is in Germany.

Are Essen and Dusseldorf part of the Ruhr District in Germany?

Essen is in the Ruhr but Duesseldorf is some distance to the south of the Ruhr.

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