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A utopian community aims to be an idealistic society. However, the actual goals of societies that attempt to be utopian tend to differ depending on the members of the community and what they would like to achieve. For example, for some a utopian society means religious freedom while others see it as a culmination of civil rights.

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It varies based on which organizations many different people have different ideas on what a utopia would look like but for most groups the main idea was to unify everyone and make everything equal, no racial inequality, no economic inequality, no sexism. they wanted the ability for men and women to vote, no matter if they are black, white etc.. They wanted to eliminate the wealth / money system so that no person can have an unfair advantage against the other. They hoped for no government to have an unfair rule over anyone else. Everyone working collectively for each other and helping whoever is in need. In modern times the idea of no world hunger, no economic inequality no denial of human rights like homosexual rights, or transgender rights.

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Q: What were the purposes of utopian communities?
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