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The Secrecy rule said that the convention had to be held in secret and no outside sources could know what was being debated inside the convention. It helped delegates talk freely without the threat of media attention or possibly losing their political careers due to votes or subject matter they addressed.

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The rule of absolute secrecy at the constitutional convention was exactly what it sounds like: Nobody who was not one of the delegates at the convention couldn't know about the things that they were discussing until after final decisions were made.

This is important because they did not want to have regular citizens fighting over what they were saying. They wanted to have everyone calm, once there was a final outcome then America could debate all they wanted to. However, the did not want anyone debating about something that might not happen.

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Q: What were the secrecy rules during the constitutional convention?
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Wrote the set of government rules that is still used today?

constitutional convention

Who wrote the set of government rules that is still used today?

Constitutional Convention

What were the key rules at the Constitutional Convention?

The 2 most important rules of the Constitutional Convention were that the discussions would be kept secret and that delegates could reopen any issue for later debate. These rules facilitated relatively free and open discussion.

Originally was to revise the rules for operating the US governmen but wrote a new set instead?

Constitutional Convention

Originally was to revise the rules for operating the US government but wrote a new set instead?

constitutional convention

What happened at the constitutional convention In 1787?

In Short:The Constitution was written.In Depth:There were many things that happened at the Philadelphia Convention in 1787. The main purpose of the convention was to fix the many problems with the Articles of Confederation. Some men like James Madison wanted to reform the new government to a centralized form. The convention began on May 25, 1787 with twelve sates. They unanimously elected George Washington as President of the Convention. For each State there was one vote. All of the rules were voted on including secrecy. The people at the convention did support a stronger national government.

What were the three basic rules of the Constitutional Convention?

I don't know all of them but I know one was to keep all their discussions secret.

Delegates at the constitutional convention wrote the set of government rules that is still used today true or false?

Most of the provisions written by the delegates at the Constitutional Convention of the United States are still used today. The way the president is elected has been modified.

In 1787 representatives of the states got together at the Constitutional Convection. what was done at this convention?

The delegates at the Constitutional Convention were able to create a Continental army. They also drafted the Declaration of Independence and created a bicameral legislature.

Which nation was least likely to follow the rules of convention during ww2?


Why did Americans called for the Constitutional Convention?

The Constitutional Convention (or the Philadelphia Convention, as it was known at the time) was called to amend the Articles of Confederation, the rules for the United States' first independent government. But when the fifty-five delegates attempted to amend the plan, they realized the task was impossible. The delegates scrapped the Articles of Confederation and secretly began working to devise an entirely new framework for government, the US Constitution.

A government formally rules by laws and rules?