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In World War 2 era Prime Minister Churchill appealed to President Roosevelt for all the help the US could give in the way of armament, food, medicine and equipment. Roosevelt developed the Lend Lease Act to aid the Brits and also the Soviets. The Congress approved the Lend Lease Act and the US sent ships, planes, armament, vehicles, boats, food and medications. Unfortunately some of it did not arrive because the Germans sunk many ships that had the goods for the Brits. Some of it did arrive.

There were also men and some women who voluntarily went to England to serve in the Royal Air Force and in the nurse corps.

Once the US became part of the War the Americans in the US went all out to aid the war effort by:

  • Buying War Bonds to pay for the war
  • Working in war manufacturing plants (done mostly by the women, men who were not eligible to fight and minority groups)
  • Cooperating with the rationing programs
  • Donating many types of items to help make things for the war such as nylon donations, paper donations, rubber tires, metals and other things
  • Women and teen girls took care of children of the war workers
  • Womens Auxiliaries did many things to help the soldiers and war efforts
  • The Red Cross and volunteers did work in hospitals, rolled bandages, provided hospitality for injured soldiers, helped the military men in prisons overseas and many other tasks
  • The USO was an organization of entertainers who went to the war fronts to build up the morale and spirits of the fighting forces.
  • Doctors and nurses joined up to work in the war fronts while others stayed behind to care the American populace and the injured military personnel
  • Women joined up in many different organizations to help both in the military service and groups like the Red Cross. The women who were not nurses who joined up worked in clerical positions and some even became pilots to serve in the US and to shuttle planes to the war front.
  • The Americans grew victory gardens to reduce the amount of vegetables and fruit they had to buy, thus making it possible for the forces to get more of the mass grown foods.
  • In Britain they did the same thing as the Americans but they also elected to send their children to safe places. People in the rural areas and some coastal or mountain areas took in the evacuees (adults too) and took care of them for many years.
  • The Brits also had to pitch in helping those who had lost their homes or loved ones during the Blitz Bombing program the Nazis conducted. Their women also had to take up the slack where ever men had worked. They worked in businesses, war manufacturing plants and doing daycare or long term care of elderly and children who were not evacuated.
  • The Brits also volunteered as Fire Wardens, home protection militia, and Bomb Shelter Wardens. There were even wardens who checked to see that the blackout rules were followed.
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One they sent fresh soldiers

Two they sold them weapons that were to be payed for at a later date.

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sending food to Britain, not sending food to Germany.

oh, and eventually joining in.

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buying war bonds

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Q: What were the two ways in which the US assisted the allies?
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