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Mostly, to grind corn. In the Netherlands they were even then already used for water management and for turning swamp land into dry land.

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Q: What were windmills used for in the middle ages?
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What were windmills used for in medieval times?

During the Middle Ages, windmills were used primarily for grinding grain and pumping water.

What did farmers begin to use for advancements during the middle ages?

Farmers used the following advancements during the Middle Ages: windmills, crop rotation, and iron plows.

What effect did the inventions of the windmills and the watermill have on European farmers in the Middle Ages?

It powered their machines used to prepare grains and other crops.

Who brought wind farms to the UK?

Windmills have been used since the middle ages, wind farms are just an extension of that technology.

Who worked the millstone in the middle ages?

Milling could have been by hand using quern-stones, or using horse or donkey power. Waterwheels were also used in the middle ages. From the late twelfth century, windmills began to appear in Europe.

What were castles built for in the middle ages?

Castles in the Middle Ages were used to keep out enemies.

What were the weapons in the middle ages?

See the question: What are some weapons used in the middle ages?

When were middle age weapons used?

In the Middle Ages

How windmills and watermills changed life in Europe in the middle ages?

Yes it did changes life in Europe. This machine reduced animal power and things were done faster.

What discoveries and inventions helped improve food production during the Middle Ages?

There were a number of discoveries and inventions that improved food production during the Middle Ages. They included the heavy plow, horseshoes, the horse collar, three crop rotation, the wheel barrow, windmills and water wheels that operated pumps for irrigation, the grind stone, windmills for milling grain, and a variety of crops introduced from Africa and Asia.

What did the Middle Ages use to communicate?

people in the middle ages used letters or talking to face to face

Why was cottages so smokey in the middle ages?

because they used wood smoke as a deorderant in the middle ages