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More people will have more money to spend on other goods that they normally wouldn't of been able to spend. This means that the producers of products like expensive jewelers, will have a higher profit and more demand for their products

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In a word, disaster! In Britain it will result in 5 million unemployed and anarchy. Geoffrey Howe and Margaret Thatcher infamously tried slash and burn economics in Britain in the eighties to awful effect and it resulted in unemployment leaping from one million to three million almost overnight. Widespread civil unrest followed. Britain still suffers the legacy of the Thatcher years of underinvestment. Thatcher lifted restriction on what money could be invested abroad, so tax cuts resulted in money draining out of Britain. It was the start of globalisation, which is so spectacularly failing now. If another slash and burn government comes to power, things will get very bad indeed.

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thy economy would get worse.

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Q: What will happen if government reduce spending and income tax?
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What were the three goals of reagonomics?

There were four: (1) reduce the growth of government spending, (2) reduce the marginal tax rates on income from both labor and capital, (3) reduce regulation, and (4) reduce inflation by controlling the growth of the money supply.

Explain how new jobs in the economy can affect the government's budget?

Budget is an estimation of the income and expenditure of a private individual, business or government over a period of time. New jobs would reduce the amount spend on transfer payments ( Spending on unproductive purposes ) such as unemployment benefits. This will reduce the government spending and lead to a surplus or a balanced budget. As new jobs are introduced, corporate profits will rise. This causes high income tax revenue to flow to the government along with high corporate income tax revenue. This is tend to increase the government revenue and lead to balanced or surplus budget.

How do government policies affect income?

Government policies and programs, such as benefit programs and the progressive income tax, reduce income inequality.

How did Wilson compensate for the reduce government income resulting from his lowering tariffs?

by creating an income tax

If the government were to reduce the tax rate on capital spending how might this influence entrepreneurial spending?

The new answer has either profanity or suspected vandalism.

What influences government spending?

the macroeconomic objectives being pursued by the government will greatly influence government spending . a government aiming to reduce employment and promote economic growth is likely to pursue an expansionary fiscal policy , thus increasing government spending where as a government aiming to control inflation is likely to follow a contractions policy thus reducing its spending.

How did president Clinton first budget aim to reduce the deficit?

spending cuts and tax increases

Which action best reflects Thomas Jeffersons will to reduce the size and power of the federal government?

He cut federal spending.

What do governments do to stabilize the economy?

Progressive taxes. When economy is in a boom, income of people increase, tax collected increases, alleviates the huge rise in consumption. Tax revenue of government also increases. When economy is facing recession, unemployment results and amount of taxes government collect will reduce due to the lowered income. Government can then use the tax revenue collected previously to induce spending through the use of Govenment expenditure or welfare benefits

What was President Roosevelt's strategy in the New Deal?

1. Resolve banking crisis and provide short-term relief for the jobless. 2. Promote industrial recovery through increased federal spending. 3. Raise depressed commodity prices by paying farmers to reduce production (to guarantee better income)

Put the steps in the correct order to show how to put together a personal budget Add up all of your sources of income Figure out how much money you're spending Categorize your expenses to?

*total your income *figure out how much money you are spending. *categorize your expenses to show where your money goes. *determine if your expenses are above or below your income. *reduce expenses in flexible categories to save or increase savings

Is it true the only way a government van raise large amounts of money is through some form of taxes?

They could reduce spending.