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I think its Malalai Joya or Sojourner Truth.Her name wasn't Sojourner Truth but she called it that name.

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Q: What woman spoke out against the constitution?
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Who spoke against the Constitution?

Suck a d*ick (:t6

Who was an escaped slave woman who spoke out against slavery?

The woman was Sojourner Truth.

Who was an African American woman who spoke out against vslavery and was an important leader In the struggle for woman's rights?

Ida Wells, buut she was after slavery and lead campaigns against lynching

Do the framers of the us constitution in 1787 talk about factions?

Factions are not talked about in the actual constitution. However, there were other publications at the time that spoke of factions that must be guarded against.

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Patriots spoke agenst him!!

Who spoke out against slavery in the US?

Sojourner Truth spoke against slavery all over the US

Who spoke against sectionalism?

Daniel Webster was a great orator who spoke against sectionalism

What was la casas point of view on Indians in the encomienda system?

He was against it and wanted to help them to send them free from slavery

The woman who spoke out for the rights and blacks and woman?

Rosa Parks

Elijah p lovejoy was a newspaper editor in the 1800's who spoke out against?

Slavery spoke out against him that's why slaves killed him.

Did Paul get arrested because he spoke out?

Yes he spoke out again and again against the jews.

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