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which of the following words was added into preamble of the constitution by the 42nd amendment act 1976

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Q: What words were added in the preamble of the constitution of India by the 42 amendment?
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The 42nd amendment added which terms to the original preamble?

There is no 42nd amendment to the United States Constitution.

Which year was the preamble added to the constitution?

in 1781

When was the 1ST amendment added to the Constitution?

The first amendment to the constitution was in 1791. It allowed the freedom of speech.

When the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution in 1791 which goal of the Preamble to the Constitution did it meet?

It protected the citizens rights.

The words 'secular' and 'socialist' were added to the Indian Constitution in 1975 by amending the?

the preamble

When was the 6th amendment added to the constitution?

the 6th amendment was written in 1765.

Once an amendment has been added to the constitution the amendment can?

play basketball

When was the thirteenth amendment added to the constitution?


What is the 14 amendment when was added to the constitution?


When was amendment IV added to the constitution?


What was the first amendment added to the constitution?

Additions to the constitution are called amendments. The first amendment was :

How many amendment were added to the Constitution in the twentieth century?

12 were added