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to paint remarks on buildings disagreeing with government officials.

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Q: What would be a good way to make your opinions known to elected leaders?
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Which of these actions would NOT be a good way to make your opinions known to elected leaders?

paint remarks on buildings disagreeing with government officials.

How are government leaders elected in Panama?

the government leaders are elected by how there life style is. if one is very religious, then he would be picked over a guy specifically studies politics.

When leaders are elected by a majority this is called what?

this would be called apples

Why is it important for the people to make their opinions known in a representative democracy?

so that the leaders will know what is important to the citizens of the country

What is the delegate theory?

An elected Representative who will vote the way of their constituents would want them to vote, regardless of the representative's opinions.

How are leaders elected in china?

The current government of China is what we would describe as a self-perpetuating oligarchy. New leaders are chosen by existing leaders. The Chinese government is basically a small, select club, which chooses its own new members.

What would it be like to live under a democracy in Australia?

Australia is a democracy. It's leaders and Government are elected by the people.

How do you know that Spartas rulers would be hard to overthrow?

Their system of government was based on twin kings who were heriditary war and religious leaders. The political leaders were elected by popular vote. Therefore they had popular support, which would not take kindly to efforts to overthrow them.

Showing integrity to others in the health care?

Showing integrity would be the elected leaders responding to the voice of the people instead of turning a deaf ear to it.

How do the county commissioner get elected?

a commission formAdded: A County Commissioner (also known by other titles in other jurisdictions) is usually an elected office. They would have to run for the position and get elected by a majority of the votes over his opponent.

When elected leave the office and go to work for a special interest groupit is known as what?

In the right conditions that would be a from of 'nepotism'

What government has religious leaders that are also politica?

There have been many governments that have had religious leaders who are also political leaders. This type of government is known as a theocracy. A modern day example of this would be Iran. It is headed by a President, but he takes his orders from religious leaders who are actually in charge.