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Many people feel that the bond between the people and a representative of the people is a sacred bond. If a congressman were to break that bond for personal gain, some may feel offended. However, there are those who feel that even a congressman deserves the right to better their career when possible.

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Q: What would be wrong with having a member of congress resign his office to take a newly created position in government if in fact he is well qualified to fill in that position?
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When congress passed the ethics in government act in the 1970s they created this position?

independent counsel

What created the second continental congress?

The second continental congress created the National Government.

What was the first plan of government created by the second Continental Congress?

The Bill of Rights

Why was the second continental congress created?

So they could be a central government of the 13 colonies

Delegates from the original thirteen colonies who created a permanent government were called?

Continental Congress

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What type of national government was created under the Articles of Confederation?

AnswerThe second Continental Congress If you mean what type of congress was the articles of confederation, it was a unicameral congress.

What does the congress do to establish the court of federal claim?

A Court of Claims was created by the passage of an act of Congress on February 24, 1855. It was created to preside over monetary claims against the federal government.

What were Independent Agencies created to do?

Congress has created independent agencies to serve the public interest and keep the government and the economy working smoothly.

Did PresidentZachary Taylor created a cabinet position during his administration?

Zachary Taylor was the first president to have a Secretary of the Interior. However, he did not create the cabinet position or the Interior Department. The Interior Department was created by Congress in 1849.

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Independent establishments are created by Congress to adress concerns that go beyond the scope of ordinary legislation. These agencies are responsible for keeping the government and economy running smoothly.

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