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The answer depends on several factors such as the party of the key senator, the make-up of the Senate, the reasons against the appointment ,the quality of the nominee and the relation of the President with the Senate.

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Q: What would happen if the President makes appointment despite the fact that a key senator is against it?
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What would happen if the president insists on making an appointment despite the fact that a key senator has invoked the rule of senatorial courtesy against the appointment?

If a key senator has invoked senatorial courtesy against an appointment, traditionally the president would respect this objection out of deference to the senator. The president may choose to nominate a different individual for the position to avoid conflict and uphold the practice of senatorial courtesy. Failure to do so could lead to opposition and conflict within the Senate, affecting the president's ability to get the appointment confirmed.

What is unofficial practice of the president deffering to the wishes of the senator from the state where a federal judicial vacancy exists?

If the senator in question belongs to the President's party, he probably can block the appointment of judges he does not like. Otherwise, not so much.

Which Senator was one of the first to come out against the Vietnam war and later run for President in the 60's?

Senator Eugene McCarthy

What democrat ran for vice president against Quayle?

Lloyd Bentsen who was a Senator from Texas.

Was Senator Theodore Frelinghuysen for or against the removal of Native American people from the ancestral homes?

He was against, he felt that President Jackson was trying to cheat the Indians

When Barack Obama was elected president of the US he was a senator from Illinois how was his vacated senate seat filled?

Vacated congressional seats are generally filled by appointment by the governor of the state.

What happens to a senate seat if the senator becomes president or vice president?

If a senator becomes president or vice president, their senate seat becomes vacant. The vacancy is usually filled through a special election or appointment by the governor, depending on the rules of the particular state.

What year president run against Jim Carey?

President George W. Bush ran against Senator John Kerry in 2004. President Bush won. Jim Carey, an actor, never ran for political office and never ran against any President of the USA.

Can you write another sentence with calumny?

no i can: We hope that the senator hasn't endorsed any of the governor's calumnies against the president.

What do President Obama and John McCain do?

President Obama performs the duties of the President of the United States. John McCain remains a Senator from Arizona since he lost his run for President against Barack Obama.

Was Gerald Ford a senator?

No, he was a Representative for 25 years but never a Senator. As Vice-President, he was President of the Senate but never an elected Senator.

In 1996 president Clinton ran from reelection against?

Senator Bob Dole of Kansas.