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Without the sixth amendment the world would be a different place. It is the right to be trialed if accused of a crime without the sixth amendment some people might be in jail that didnÕt do anything wrong.

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People could be held in prison long periods of time, tortured, and without bail, for minor crimes.

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Q: What would life be like without the 8th amendment?
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What would it be like without the admendments to the constitution?

the situation without amendment in the constitution become worst

What amendment did lynching violate?

Several laws are broken in a case like that. Murder, kidnapping, torture, are just a few. Today it would be the 14th amendment that states that people have the right to life and liberty. The civil rights act would also apply as it is a hate crime.

Current issues that many Americans have thought worthy of a Constitutional amendment?

1. An amendment prohibiting the burning or desecration of the flag. 2. An amendment prohibiting abortions except in cases of rape, incest or danger to mother's life. 3. An amendment prohibiting marriage between people of the same sex. 4. An amendment letting naturalized citizens be President. (the Arnold amendment) Those were off the top of my head. A quick google search revealed dozens, even scores more, all actually proposed in Congress, all failing, all in the last ten years or so. Everything from guaranteed housing to praying in school. Obviously many Americans think many issues are worth an amendment. Some, like a mandated balanced budget or re-establishing the filibuster or direct vote of the President, might be good. Others, like awarding 5th and 14th amendment rights to the unborn would be difficult and divisive. Whether one is pro-choice or pro-life, having a woman die giving birth to a deformed child of incestuous rape would seem a bit harsh. And the one where the minimum age of Congress would be lowered to 21 - wow, just when they can drink for the first time, they can lead us! I'm not going to cut and paste. You can check out the list here:

How does the 12 amendment affect our lives today?

The 12th Amendment revised presidential elections.Prior to the 12th Amendment, the two parties would nominate their presidential candidates (like they still do). However, the winner of the election would become the president, and the loser of the election would become vice president.So, for example, in this last election, Donald Trump would have been president, and Hillary Clinton would have been vice president. Can you see the conflict with that? They would constantly disagree on every issue.The 12 Amendment made it so the presidential nominee and vice presidential nominee run together. So, like things are now, Donald Trump ran with Mike Pence, and Hillary Clinton ran with Tim Kaine.Now, the two heads of the Executive Branch come from the same political party, where they used to come from opposite parties.

What was a feature of Hamilton's British Plan for government?

A national executive would be elected for life. This idea was shot down by George Washington, among others, who feared that a leader elected for life would turn too quickly into something like a king.

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What would it be like without the admendments to the constitution?

the situation without amendment in the constitution become worst

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