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I will become Anil kapoor of Nayak and i'll do as much as i can in entire day(86400 seconds).

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Q: What would you do if you were prime minister for the day?
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Who is prime minister in absence of prime minister?

Um...that would be the Deputy Prime Minister.

What is the prime minister's job in the U.K.?

the prime minister job in the U.K is to run the country an a day to day basis

If something happened to the current Prime Minister of Canada who would step in?

Generally, the deputy prime minister would step in as Prime Minister.

When was minister's day 2012?

Prime Minister's Day was August 15th, 2012.

Who was the first prime minister of Quebec?

Quebec would not have a prime minister. It would have a premiere.

Who was the first Quebec prime minister?

Quebec would not have a prime minister. It would have a premiere.

Who would be the ideal prime minister?

visions of an ideal prime minister

What day was Canada's prime minister sworn in on?

The current Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, became Prime Minister on 2006 February 6.

What are Stephen Harper responsibilities?

He's the Prime Minister of Canada.

What is the title of who is the day to day leader of Britain?

Prime Minister.

Was Ellen Fairclough ever Canadian prime minister?

No. To this day, the only female prime minister was Kim Campbell.

Who became Prime Minister on Australia Day 1966?

Harold Holt was sworn in as Australia's Prime Minister on Australia Day, 26 January 1966.